Manage Your Gmail With

By Tom Ledford | The Practical Computer

Most of us have more than one email address. It's practically a necessity nowadays. There are a lot of good reasons. You may want to keep your personal email separate from your business email. You may need one as a backup for lost passwords, or you may want a disposable address to give sites so you receive less spam in your main inbox. If you want to use Microsoft's Office Online you will need an (formerly Hotmail) email address. If you want to use Google+ you will need a Gmail address. You get the picture.

Windows 9 - Will It Be Everything You Want It To Be?

By Tom Ledford | The Practical Computer

Microsoft stumbled badly with the release of Windows 8. What happened and why, became bottomless subjects for the blogging technorati. A consensus formed that they rushed a touch UI out the door because Apple once again one upped them in the tablet market with the iPad. 

Stream Netfilx with Chrome on Linux using HTML5 - Finally!

By Tom Ledford | The Practical Computer

NetFlix using HTML5 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Netflix and Linux fans have been waiting patiently for a native Netflix player. Well, they have been waiting. The best solution will ultimately be based upon standards like HTML5. In fact Netflix offers an HTML5 video player now, but the only browser that supports it is Internet Explorer 11. Obviously, that isn't a solution for Linux.

Canvas Fingerprinting - Internet Tracking Just Became Sneakier

By Tom Ledford | The Practical Computer

Everyone knows, when an ad displays for running shoes at Zappos and they are on a completely unrelated website, but they recently viewed running shoes on Zappos' website, their Internet whereabouts are being tracked. 

Not everyone minds being tracked, especially if they understand how and why they are. Ads are a fact of life on the Internet. Why would you object to seeing only those that are relevant to you? Still, others may have good reasons they don't want their online activity tracked.