We Are Moving!

We are moving The Practical Computer!  

We are finally making the move to WordPress. In fact, we have been making lots of changes at South Side Tech. We’ve moved our website from a Windows server to Linux, from classic ASP to an all new responsive website using PHP and MySQL instead of Microsoft SQL, and finally, we are moving our blog, The Practical Computer, from Google blogger to WordPress! Pshew! I’ll write more on all that later.

Our new home at South Side Tech's website is at https://southsidetech.com/blogs/The_Practical_Computer

One thing we won’t be changing is our mission. We won’t be writing for IT professionals. We will still be writing about technology for the everyday computer user. We want to write for people that need to know how technology can help them in their everyday lives.

I’ll be busy creating new content to go with all our other newness, but I will be recreating our old content here too. In the meantime, our old blog, praccomp.southsidetech.com will still be available. Hopefully, we can migrate without taking a bit hit on our search presence. I’m confident we can build it back better than before.

Google announced they would be giving favorable search signals to sites that are completely secured with HTTPS/TLS, but they’ve been slow to enable it for Blogger, especially for blogs that use custom domain names like this one. That’s only one of the reasons for our move. The new Practical Computer is fully incorporated into South Side Tech’s website now, and both are fully secured!

All the posts here are already moved to our new blog, but we still get a lot of traffic here so we will leave our Blogger blog here until we can get redirects in place and search results favor our new blog. 

Please come and check with our new blog often at https://southsidetech.com/blogs/The_Practical_Computer, as we roll out new widgets and other features. We are learning more about WordPress as we go, just like I learned how to swim. We’re diving into the deep end, so it’s either sink or swim. Now there is a hook. You’ll have to come back to see if we drowned!

Gotta go for now. I’ve got lots to do!

Tom Ledford


7 Awesome Android 7" Tablets For Less Than $70

By Tom Ledford | The Practical Computer

There Has Never Been a Better Time to Buy a 7" Tablet 

Phone and tablet SoC (system on a chip) processor technology advances at light speed nowadays, but technical advancement has also meant cheaper production. That, is why you can by a 7" tablet with quad core processing for less than $40 today.

What's up with this flood of new inexpensive tablets all of a sudden? A number of reasons really, but the biggest is the quad core processor and the GPU (graphics processing unit) or MP (multiple processor). Inexpensive quad core processors are capable of speeds up to 2 Ghz. 

Streaming Netflix Movies in Chrome with the Windows 10 Technical Preview

By Tom Ledford | The Practical Computer

Streaming Netflix with Chrome on Windows 10 Tech Preview

Although the Windows 10 Technical Preview installation went without problem, my first evening of living with the new OS didn't go as well. Netflix wouldn't stream movies on IE, Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Each gave me a different message, or offer to install Silverlight. 

360° Of Versatility – HP Pavilion x360

By Tom Ledford | The Practical Computer

HP Pavilion x360

The HP Pavilion x360 is a "convertible" notebook computer with a touch screen, that can change from a laptop to a tablet. Just the thing, if you can't decide between the two. Or, if you can't decide which to get your wife for Christmas.