My First Post

This is the very first post on my “to be named later blog.” Or, at least, it is the beginning of trying to determine what this blog should be about. I have a few reasons to start a blog, but I am hoping that the actual process will help this one find its center. I can always start another blog and another, right? 

One good reason to blog is to hone your writing skills. Another is to help you establish some credibility in your field, and perhaps drive a little more traffic to your web site. The additional external links can’t hurt your site’s search engine ranking. And if your site is business related, “monetized” with ads, or you sell services and products, the root of all your reasoning is money! Money is a very good reason!

So here I go! I hope that my blog will be interesting enough to get a few followers. I may even get some interest from others to post their articles as guests. My goals are modest, my reasons many, and my expectations are low. I once told my father, after a session of wallowing in self pity, that I needed to embrace failure instead of always fearing it to the point of paralysis. If I keep failing, but keep trying, surely I will eventually have a success or two. So, in that spirit, I am ready to begin failing at blogging!

I have already taken my first step toward that goal; I am telling my readers that I may suck at this. But if I do, at least, I will always have room for improvement!

I should probably focus on a subject that compliments my business and more directly supports my need to earn a living. I think I will begin by writing about putting technology to use for practical purposes or, about being practical about the use of technology. But, that may give me too much of an excuse to write about esoteric and impractical technology, since practicality is in the eyes of the practitioner. What is one man’s practical is another’s useless. I got it! I will write about technology for the cheap pragmatist!  That should narrow it down to stuff you really need to get that task at hand accomplished, and how you can buy it on the skinny!

See, I am improving already!  Visit “to be named later blog” again, and I promise my next post will actually be interesting and useful to those of us cheap skates who need to make our lives easier. And besides, you just have to find out what I finally name my blog!  What a cliff hanger!  I may actually be getting mo’ better, mo’ faster than I thought!