The American Dream

I read an article recently about a study concluding the United States is no longer the leader in upward social mobility. In other words, citizens of a few other countries have better odds of moving from the social and economic class of their parents’ generation into a higher one. Many people were very disappointed to hear this, including myself.

We have seen our jobs leave for cheaper labor overseas. Low wage jobs are no longer the only ones “off shored”. More and more, higher skilled jobs are being moved to other countries as well. Everyone knows our economy is suffering and many Americans are struggling to provide for their families.

Some have proclaimed the American Dream is either dead or on life support. Maybe so, if you believe the American Dream is about driving a Mercedes when your father only drove an Oldsmobile. 

We have seen hundreds of thousands die from AIDS in Africa. Genocide still exists. Despotic rulers and tyrants still exist. Famine is real and found all over the world today. 

Who does the world look to, even plead with, to step up and lead in the good fight? 

Where do parents from all over the world want to send their children to attend college?

How many people around the world have better lives because the United States of America stood up and stepped up?

Generations of Americans have sacrificed to fight tyranny. The American people always believed that, to whom much is given, much is expected. Yes, we need to stand up for each other now, but we also need to do what we have always done - work hard, and reach out to others. Let's not begrudge the success of others around the world. We have given the lives of our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers, so that others can have it. Their success IS our success! 

If there is a chance that my son will live to see less hunger and agony in this world and, America had anything to do with it, the real American Dream is alive! I am more proud to be an American today than I have ever been. God Bless America!