Chrome Extensions – 9 More Favorites

As promised, here are another nine great extensions for Google Chrome. Six are tools that should make everyone’s web browsing easier and more productive. Three address a more narrow set of needs, but can be a huge benefit if they address one of yours. Four of them now occupy prime real estate on my toolbar.

Be sure to comment and tell me about your favorites!

RSS - How Simple is Really Simple Syndication?

RSS is really simple! You know what is not simple? Keeping track of all the things you see on the web that you want to read. Using a RSS reader or “aggregator” can simplify your information gathering and help you organize your favorite websites.

Most blogs and websites also publish their posts, articles, and other updates in a standard data format that can be read by RSS readers. This allows anyone to “aggregate” or assemble the news and information they want to read into their own personal “newspaper” or web page.

Down the Rabbit Hole with IE9

"How cheerfully it seems to grin!
      How neatly spreads its claws!
    And welcomes little fishes in
      With gently-smiling jaws!"

~  "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland", Lewis Carroll

I am sure my adventures with Internet Explorer 9 have only begun. They all started when a new Twitter follower tweeted that my website looked a little wacky when he opened it with IE9. Of course, I wanted to fix it fast! Well, at least I fixed it. This is a story about how I went about troubleshooting my blog’s wackiness in IE9.

The 9 Most Important Rules for Anti-virus Software

Using multiple layers of security is the best way to protect your computer and information while online. In previous articles we discussed passwords, Internet routers and firewalls as layers of protection. In this article I would like to  talk about another layer that is a critical part of the layered approach to computer security, anti-virus software.

My 9 Favorite Chrome Extensions

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Sometimes I think a Chrome extension is going to be really useful but after some time on my tool bar, I realize that I am not using it very often .My favorite extensions for Google's browser are the the ones that percolate up to my tool bar and stay. I am always trying out new extensions. Of course, I like the ones that help me finish everyday tasks faster!

Circles of Trust

     Jack, "I mean, can you ever really trust another human being, Greg? "

     Greg, "Sure, I think so."

     Jack, "No. The answer is you cannot. Some people can never be in the circle of trust."
Jack Byrnes to Greg Focker in "Meet The Parents."

The Circles of Trust
Circles of Trust

Your Internet safety and security has several circles of trust. Be careful who you let into your circles. This is the final post for my series, "Cirlces of Trust?"  The final layer of  Internet safety and security - you.

Layering security isn't a new concept. It is a tried and true method of protection. If they scale the cliffs and reach the castle moat, you're still ok. If they get through the alligators in the moat and reach the draw bridge, you're ok. If they get accross the draw bridge and reach the castle gate, your still ok.

If they reach you... On guard! Grab your weapons! Put up your Dukes! Lock up your Princess! Defend your castle!

Prepare and maintain your defenses well. Post many guards around your walls. Be proactive.

  • Be aware. 
  • Learn the risks. 
  • Read about threats. 
  • Don't steal media or software.  
  • Scan your downloaded files.
  • Check out URLs and website certificates. 
  • Don't Email secrets. 
  • Keep your AV, OS and other software updated. 
  • Check your FW and Router configurations.


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From The USA Educational Foundation: Internet Safety For Adults

From Family Online Safety Institute:
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