Where In The World Are Your Twitter Followers?

It wasn't until I began to use Twitter that I really started to appreciate the potential of technology to bring people from all around the world closer together. The Internet truly is making the world smaller. Almost immediately after I began using Twitter, I had people from other countries following me.

I never was a social butterfly when it came to online social networking. I was more an advocate of pragmatic business technology. I couldn't understand all the hoopla over Facebook. And I just didn't get Twitter at all. I didn't see how business could benefit from either. Now, it seems like I spend most of my time using Twitter and Facebook to build relationships and promote my business.

Placing Missing Children Alerts on 404 Error Pages

The Not Found Project is a European initiative to make use of “404 – Not Found” error web pages by placing missing child alerts on them. Participating websites install a module that converts their 404 error pages to missing child alerts from a constantly updated database. The project is by Missing Children Europe in cooperation with Child Focus. It is currently only for children reported missing in the European Union.

Please visit their website to learn more about this remarkable idea:

NotFound Project, Making better user of your 404 page.  

When I saw this story, I first thought: "What a great idea! I could do that on my website!"

As I read further and visited the Not Found Project website, I was disappointed to learn this program was only available in Europe. So, I began searching for a program like this, here in the United States. After stumbling around a bit on the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children website, I found what I was looking for, kind of...

The Best Times to Tweet - Automatically

Wouldn't it be great if you could schedule a day's worth of tweets to post at the best times, automatically throughout the day? You can!  By using Tweriod and Buffer together, you can tweet automatically when your followers are most likely to be online.

The best time to tweet is when your followers are listening. Tweriod can tell you when they are! Tweriod will analyze your follower's tweets and tell you when they are tweeting throughout the day. These are the times when they are most likely to see your tweets. They are online and using twitter.

9 Ways to Rock Twitter

You can be an awesome tweeter! It won't happen overnight but, with a little time and patience, anyone can grow an audience and build rewarding relationships with mentors, peers and followers.

I learned a lot by trial and error but you don't have to do it the hard way. Here are nine of the most useful lessons I learned from my stumbles and from Tweeps that rock twitter.

Twitter - Getting Started

I Tweet You Follow
Like most things I attempt to learn, I dived into the deep end of the Twitter pool and hoped I would start swimming. After swallowing a lot of water, I finally made it to the side of the pool, climbed out, coughed a while and dived back in.

What Is A Browser?

Tech, "Can you open your browser for me?"

User, "My what?"

Tech, "You know,  the big blue e on your desktop."

User, "On my desk?"

Tech, "No. On your computer screen."

The Battle for Smartphone Supremacy

Consumers are relying more on their smartphones to engage with brands, consume content, and make purchases. Find out who’s winning the battle between Android and iPhone, and discover some of the most popular mobile marketing tactics.