Customer Service Is Going Social

Many businesses put up Facebook fan pages to reach out to customers. Most were not prepared for their customers to use Facebook to reach out to them. They saw Facebook as a big billboard on the Internet highway - just another way to advertise. What part of  "social" did they not understand?

A post to  Facebook or other social media has potential to be multiplied. If a customer "Likes" a fan page, their Facebook friends may see those fan page posts too. Businesses were giddy with the idea of their posts going viral, but complaints can go viral too. Indeed, complaints are much more likely to go viral than the "spam" being thrown at customers from poorly managed fan pages.

Which is worse? Your customer reaches out to you on social media and you have to reply and help them with their issue, or your customer reaches out to you and gets no response, so they reach out to their friends and ask them how to deal with the issue.

Ready or not, customer service is going social 

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