Windows 8 Start Menu from Pokki

Microsoft has never done anything quite so puzzling as deciding to omit the start menu from their new version of Windows. After enterprises leapfrogged Vista, Microsoft made amends by delivering their best and most widely acclaimed operating system - Windows 7. Why would they risk enterprise adoption of their new OS, Windows 8, by making a such a radical change to the user interface?

Microsoft needed a UI suitable for the touch screens of tablets and smartphones. But why force desktop and laptop computer users to use a UI designed for small touchscreens?

Pokki to the rescue

I often thought Microsoft would eventually correct their faux pas by releasing a "feature" or service pack with an alternative UI. Now it seems someone beat them to it. Pokki's Start Menu for Windows 8 has been downloaded over 500,000 times since the release of Windows 8! 

Start Menu Infographic

Courtesy of: Pokki


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