A Good Day

Laptops are difficult to repair. Parts and components are small and numerous. Everything is condensed and packed into a tiny shell. They are amazing examples of how efficiently space can be used. 

I don't recommend attempting to disassemble a laptop, without a service manual from the manufacturer. If you don't have a guide to screws and fasteners, you will break something.

Customer Service and The Social Help Desk [Infographic]

Your company's social media efforts are not only about promoting brand awareness. The social help desk may turn out to be a game-changer in the ongoing relationship between businesses and their customers. As customers increasingly turn to social media sites for customer service, the social help desk lets you respond in real-time to meet the evolving customer definition of "now."

Mobile Is Where Your Customers Are

The Practical Computer | By Tom Ledford

In 2013 more people will use their mobile phones than PCs to get online. When you also consider the rapidly rising popularity of tablets, the most important online presence for your business is no longer a website designed for desktop and laptop computers.

The amount of information most users will consume from any website at one time, is getting smaller. We are getting very adept at drinking from the Internet fire hose. Most of us now prefer concise information no matter what device we use to get it. The smaller the screen, the more concise information needs to be.