Practical Mobile Ecosystems - 5 Questions

The Practical Computer | By Tom Ledford
A mobile ecosystem includes your wireless services company, hardware, apps and data. But, it also needs to integrate with your  home and office systems. The Internet ties them all together. 

If you use mobile technology for work, your employer's ecosystem will overlap yours. This can make it more difficult to decide what technology to use.

A practical mobile ecosystem will cost as little as possible, and will integrate well, into your personal and professional life. How can you make practical choices for mobile technology?

Daddy and Magic Trucks

Daddy lost his father, before I was born. My Grandad and I haven't met yet. Grandad wasn't around to teach Daddy for very long, but he must have been around long enough to teach him the most important stuff. Daddy will be 82 years old in a couple of weeks (March 30). Daddy taught me a lot of important stuff!

Daddy is still teaching me. One of the most  important things, I am learning from him just now - No one is perfect and it's alright if I am not. I am blessed. I hope he teaches me many more years.

Daddy probably can't tell you exactly how he teaches me. I'm not sure I know how he does either. I just know he does. Some of the most important things he taught me are how to work hard, count stars, love, and make money

And he taught me about magic trucks.