8 Reasons You Should Post to The Goolge+ "Public" Stream

The Practical Computer | By Tom Ledford

If you want your post to be seen in the stream, post it to "Public!"

Sure, the circles you shared it with may see it. Maybe that is all you intended. However, I suspect many just don't understand the reasons they should post to "Public."

Why 24,000 Plussers Circled Me in 30 Days

The Practical Computer | By Tom Ledford

On May 8, 2013, I was in three thousand, four hundred and sixty-two (3,462) Google+ circles. It had taken nearly a year to grow my following to that number. I don't know exactly what happened, but on May 10, I gained 402 circles! On May 11, I gained 802 more, and on May 12, I gained 1,053! The pace has continued at an average of over 800 circles a day! By June 7, 2013, I was in 27,627 Google+ circles! Although I know, all good things must come to an end, the pace of my follower growth hasn't slowed yet. As I posted this article, 33,435 plussers have me in circles!

Solar Power and Mobile Communications in Rural Africa

In much of the developed world, we shrug at modest improvements in technology. When I hear, "It won't make much of a difference to me," I often think about The Starfish Story*  - "It made a difference for that one!"

An estimated 1.2 billion people worldwide live without electricity. Small solar cells can provide enough power to light homes and recharge mobile phones, replacing kerosene and generators, providing the "luxury" of electricity for many who may otherwise do without. 

Low power (50 watt) cellular base stations, and low power (25 watt) microwave transmitters, when combined with solar power technology, have the potential to bring the world to the doors of millions of people in third world countries, through the Internet!

I know there are much more important problems in developing countries. AIDS, clean water, adequate nutrition and safety from despotic regimes and those seeking to overthrow them, are issues needing urgent intervention. But electric lighting and Internet connectivity are not small conveniences! A smartphone, tablet, lighting, and a connection to the Internet can bring life saving information to someone in rural Africa! Traveling medical missionaries and others can communicate when they will be near villages. Vaccination clinics can communicate their schedules and information. Information on safe food preparation and safe sex can be distributed more effectively.

Technology can be a huge force for good throughout the world, in ways we've never thought of!


For more information - 

Selling Solar Panels on the Installment Plan in Africa - Businessweek ~ http://buswk.co/154oRlN

A Tiny Cell-Phone Transmitter Takes Root in Rural Africa | MIT Technology Review ~ http://bit.ly/154oXcQ

* The Starfish Story: You Can Make a Difference | Andrew: Inside & Insights ~ http://bit.ly/154p5cz

10 Twitter Mistakes in the Real World [INFOGRAPHIC]

Not everyone will agree that all of these items are mistakes. Indeed, I have been guilty of each of them at one time or another. 

It seems that more than half the posts on social media are about how to use social media, and the other half is just a big echo chamber. This post is a good example of both! 

Children often grow bored quickly with toys they begged for, while you were shopping. My mother used to say, "The new wore off." What if you bought them a dozen of the same toy? The new would be worn off before they unboxed the second one.

Do you have "Social Media Fatigue?"  Maybe these types of mistakes, not just on Twitter, but on all of social media, are why the "new" is wearing off.