Circles of Trust

Jack, "I mean, can you ever really trust another human being, Greg? "

Greg, "Sure, I think so."

Jack, "No. The answer is you cannot. Some people can never be in the circle of trust."
Jack Byrnes to Greg Focker  - "Meet The Parents."

The Circles of Trust
Circles of Trust

Your Internet safety and security has several circles of trust. Be careful who you let into your circles. This is the final post for my series, "Circles of Trust" And, this post is about  the final layer of  Internet safety and security - You.

Layering security isn't a new concept. It is a tried and true method of protection. If they scale the cliffs and reach the castle moat, you're still ok. If they get through the alligators in the moat and reach the draw bridge, you're ok. If they get accross the draw bridge and reach the castle gate, your still ok.

If they reach you... On guard! Grab your weapons! Put up your Dukes! Lock up your Princess! Defend your castle!

Prepare and maintain your defenses well. Post many guards around your walls. Be proactive.

  • Be aware. 
  • Learn the risks. 
  • Read about threats. 
  • Don't steal media or software.  
  • Scan your downloaded files.
  • Check out URLs and website certificates. 
  • Don't Email secrets. 
  • Keep your AV, OS and other software updated. 
  • Check your FW and Router configurations.

It took longer than I expected to finish this series. Thanks for hanging in there. I will write more about Internet safety and security soon. But, just like anything else, you have to take one step at a time.